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Wintec Library has a large number of digital resources, from our single-search system OneSearch to our hundreds of thousands of online ebooks and millions of academic journal articles. We know it can be tricky using so many different systems, so we have some tips and pointers here to help you make the most of the resources we have while you study.

Whether you need help learning how to use OneSearch, you want to brush up on your ebook skills, or you're wanting to know if Wikipedia can be used in an assignment, we're here to help. Click here for more information.

Click here to access your Proquest Bookshelf. (You may need to login.)

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Understanding Academic Integrity

Click to increase your knowledge of academic integrity

Try our interactive module on Academic Integrity. You will receive some great tips including an understanding of copyright, referencing,and how to ensure your assignments comply with the principles of Academic Integrity.

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